Stop Motion – Genius Hour #2

For this recent Genius Hour I did Stop Motion, I chose this because I have had past experience with it as well as I like Stop Motion. I learned that if you are doing a 2d animation (I did my animation on paper as you will see bellow) it is difficult because to move. I used three techniques throughout my project to move my little stick figure around.

The first being using page after page and having him move frame by frame, after that he broke the forth wall and jumped into being a single piece of paper moving by himself across the table. This one was the easiest for me. Lastly he transferred onto another paper and for this I erased and redrew every new frame which isn’t a very good technique because It leaves images behind.

Overall It did not help my grow as a person too much, maybe just in the aspect of even more respect towards animators. I learned that armature stop motion involves tape. It needs tape  (or maybe glue) to keep the non-moving props in place. For my next genius hour I am thinking of making a game for the TI-84+ (a calculator) and uploading it online. Hopefully this would make people happy.

Here is my finished film: