My Communities

I belong to a number of communities within school and out, I’ll start in school,

In school:

‘Technology People’

How Mini netbooks are done ;) Alejandro Matos via Compfight

Yes I hang out with the ‘smart’ people, I don’t program on a computer or hack, I do make games on my calculator though… That’s a different story. Some pro’s of this is that I know how to use electronics? A con is I get asked to make games on peoples calculator.


Image result for big brother big sister program

Big is an after school activity were I help a kid with homework and play with them. I do get community service hours for this which is a definite pro, while it does take away from homework time which is not good whatsoever.

Mostly I need t just remember stuff for big, and my friends don’t give homework so I have nothing to remember there. I might join student council next year as well as make a My Little Pony Game.

Out of school:



YES. I like My Little Pony Friendship is Magic as I have said before. I have been a brony for roughly 3 years? The biggest con to this is people judge me a lot, OH NO I LIKE PASTEL COLORED PONIES THE HORROR. I like it because it has a good messages, it is funny and it has references to both the fandom and to things little kids won’t know such as Doctor Who, Back to the Future, and even he shining.

Magic the Gathering



Once again I have mentioned this in another post, I play a card game called Magic the Gathering, or mtg. It was the original Pokemon. A con is it costs money to get cards (duh). But it is easily worth it, it is very fun. To any of you reading this who play, I like edh the most Kruphix for the win. I also play storm, mono black removal, burn, and Meren of Clan Nel. Magic’s official website is here but I can’t visit because the school blocked the website…

When I am older perhaps I will join new fandom but I doubt it. My communities don’t leave me with too many burdens. These groups make me feel happy because I am good at them.


4 thoughts on “My Communities

  1. What a great post Levin! It was interesting to read and you had set it out well in paragraphs, but it was lacking a little something like an image and some links to other websites. If you add to this post, get back to me so I can then flip it to the magazine.

  2. Oh, Levin, I know you love MLP! But I can tell you that anyone can find it interesting and that judging you is unfair. It is not any weirder than liking comics or cooking or cartoons or cats or comedy, etcc…
    (I put two ‘c”s to show that the following words must start with ‘c’)
    I also find it awesome that you do Big Brother Big Sister, it can really help and build bonds and it might even help you as well!
    I am one of those technology people right?
    Magic the Gathering is fun, but not what is used to be… How about you debate that on another post?

    • Exactly, and yes Big is fun except when my little doesn’t do their homework… Yes you are a tech person (I think) I am ot the leader if there is one, also good idea I might do that.

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